Current arc: Beyond
    Classic Arc (2003-2012)
  • 2003; Eddsworld starts on Newgrounds
  • 2009; Eddsworld is asked by tve to make Climate Change
  • 2010; Eddsworld-Cakebomb becomes a thing
  • 2012; Edd Gould passes, Legacy arc ensues
  • I didn't add the Tord part for obvious reasons. TL;DR: respect the man's privacy
    Legacy Arc (2012-2016)
  • March 2012; Space Face Part 2 is animated by Paul ter Voorde, Tom starts a campaign to save Eddsworld (STSSTW)
  • Eddsworld-TurboPunch
  • 2013-2016; Multiple artists like Pearl, Kreid, and Paul are animating the Eddisodes
  • March 2016; The End is finished, Tomska steps down, in Matt's hands now
  • 2016-2020; Eddsworld takes a gigantic hiatus.

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